Coherent AI is dedicated to the development and commercialization of holographic full-spectrum machine vision systems, using optoelectronics and AI to enhance the performance of machine vision. Founded in August 2017, we have offices and research facilities in Wuhan, Shenzhen and California. Coherent AI won the 2017 Global Champion in the Optics Valley 3551 Competition of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, was awarded as top 10 most promising AI start-ups in the 2017 Synced Machine Intelligence Awards, was selected as top 50 potential artificial intelligence unicorns by Dark Horse Venture in 2018, and is rated as top 50 most potential companies of industrial innovation on the Future & Impact list issued jointly by the Information Center of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Yiou Intelligence. The company has raised over 100 million Chinese yuan, and our team members are from Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Institute of Technology, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Imperial College London, Columbia University, Hong Kong University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Science and Technology of China, Apple, Canon, Philips, Intel, Deloitte, Huawei, Tencent, Foxconn, General Motors, SenseTime, Megvii/Face++, ASM Pacific Technology, China Development Bank Capital, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.

Ken X. Wang, the founder, won Best Theory in the Chinese Physics Olympiad and Gold Medals in the Asian Physics Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad. Ken holds an SB in Physics and an SB in Mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MASt in Mathematics from University of Cambridge, an MS in Electrical Engineering, an MS in Management Science and Engineering and a PhD from Stanford University. He served as the President of the Stanford Chinese Students & Scholars Association, and received a Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad. Prior to founding Coherent AI, Ken worked at both large corporations and start-ups in Silicon Valley and Wall Street. He was named 30 Under 30 in China by Forbes as a scientist and 35 Innovators Under 35 in China by MIT Technology Review as an inventor.