We sincerely welcome talents across the globe to join our efforts of developing cutting edge technologies for the benefits of society. The positions listed below are now open to candidates. To join us, please email careers@coherent.ai with your resume. We will provide equal employment opportunity to all job-seekers, and can sponsor H-1B petitions if necessary for positions in the US.


01 Research Scientist
Job Duties:
1. Leads the company¡¯s research at the frontiers of computer vision, machine vision, artificial intelligence and photonics.
2. Develops practical solutions for major market demands.
1. Ph. D. from a top-tier university in China or overseas, and research experience in artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer vision hardware and software, optoelectronics, or related fields.
2. Publications in top journals or conference proceedings of the field, or awards in major competitions.
3. Great passion for innovation and outstanding practical skills.
Shenzhen, Wuhan, Silicon Valley.
02 Data Scientist
Job Duties:
1. Satisfies demands arising from complex business contexts with statistical modeling, data mining and machine learning techniques.
2. Collaborates with development teams in the application of data algorithms.
3. Assesses, deploys and iteratively optimizes data mining models.
1. Ph. D. in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or related fields, and solid background in statistics, data mining and machine learning.
2. 5 years of experience in projects involving data mining, neural networks, optimization or deep learning.
3. Proficiency in Python, R, Java or MATLAB programming.
4. Self-motivation, curiosity for new technologies, and strong learning capacity.
Preferred Experience:
1. Publications on data mining and machine learning in top journals or conferences.
2. Awards in major data mining contests, such as Kaggle Competition and Alibaba Big Data Competition.
3. Familiarity with the design theory and solving methods of data mining algorithms.
4. Experience in the application of large-scale machine learning algorithms.
Shenzhen, Wuhan.
03 Vice President of Science and Technology
Job Duties:
1. Manages development plans on the company-level, assesses technology requirements for projects, and establishes the company¡¯s technological framework.
2. Supervises research and development projects for new technologies and products, with focuses on major technical strategies and decision-making.
3. Manages research and development resources, directs project planning, and monitors overall project progress.
4. Builds effective technology teams.
1. Ph. D. in Physics, Computer Science, Optoelectronics or related fields from a top-tier university in China or overseas.
2. 5 years¡¯ experience of team management in artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine vision or related projects.
3. Experience in project planning and capability of solving key technical issues.
4. Enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, ability to work under pressure and readiness to accept challenges.
04 Vice President of Operations
Job Duties:
1. Assists the CEO in general management, team building and strategy making, and supports the daily operations of all teams.
2. Supervises the company¡¯s resource management for various projects and ensures that key performance objectives are met.
3. Directs market analysis and supports key decision-making with market trends and competitor intelligence.
1. B. A. or B. S. from a full-time university and 3 years of managerial experience.
2. Comprehensive management skills, strong data analysis capability, and conscientious work ethic.
3. Passion for work, sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.
05 Visual Algorithm Engineer
Job Duties:
1. Develops deep learning algorithms, builds training environments and optimizes training parameters.
2. Resolves key algorithm issues in computer vision and other projects.
3. Drafts algorithm-related patents and assists in patent applications.
4. Reports results of computer vision research in academic journals and conferences.
1. B. A. or B. S. in Electronics, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science or Automation from a full-time university and 3 years¡¯ work experience.
2. Strong background in artificial intelligence and computer vision theories and development.
3. Familiarity with CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) theories and rich CNN development experience.
4. Proficiency with the algorithms of three-dimensional reconstruction, cloud data processing and target identification.
5. Familiarity with face recognition, image tagging, image processing, and video identification, or with image understanding, video understanding, image denoising and super-resolution.
6. Experience in the optimization of deep learning efficiency and accuracy, and preferably in computer vision algorithms for automobile auto-piloting.
Wuhan, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley.
06 Optical Engineer
Job Duties:
1. Tests key performance indices of optical devices, optimizes test processes and enhances test coverage.
2. Develops protocols for the optical testing of software, throughput, parameters and their correlations.
3. Collaborates with development and engineering teams on the design of product functionality and specifications.
4. Drafts technical documentation for optical devices and assists with patent filings and other intellectual property affairs.
1. B. A. or B. S. in Optical Engineering, Optical Design, Physics, Precision Instruments or related fields.
2. Experience in at least one of the following areas:
¡¤ Algorithms and software for optical simulation, such as COMSOL and ZEMAX;
¡¤ Construction of complex integrated optical circuits;
¡¤ Design of nano-scale optical devices;
¡¤ Optical system design, analysis and simulation;
¡¤ Testing of key optical performance indices and development of test protocols;
¡¤ Design, integration and tuning of micro-optical circuits;
¡¤ Fundamentals of optics, and use of Matlab for verification and simulation of optical designs;
¡¤ Imaging optics and image processing;
¡¤ Design of microscopes or the imaging system of cameras;
¡¤ Drafting of technical documentation for optical devices and assistance with intellectual property affairs;
¡¤ Research and development in semiconductor optoelectronics;
¡¤ Design of CMOS photodetectors.
Wuhan, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley.
07 Semiconductor Process Engineer
Job Duties:
1. Develops technologies for the manufacture and processing of semiconductor optoelectronic devices and tests their robustness.
2. Handles purchase orders, tests new materials and instruments, and facilitates their use in research and development.
3. Leads small development projects and assists in communication with customers and business partners.
4. Solves process defects and leads troubleshooting efforts.
1. B. A. or B. S. in Electronic Engineering, Physics, Microelectronics, Materials Science and Engineering or related fields.
2. 5 years¡¯ experience in semiconductor process engineering.
3. Fluency in English, strong learning capacity and outstanding practical skills.
Shenzhen, Silicon Valley.
08 IT Operations Engineer
Job Duties:
1. Constructs and maintains the company¡¯s basic software environments.
2. Assists in operating system selection and manages OS optimization, upgrade and troubleshooting.
3. Maintains and optimizes virtual machines and cloud servers.
4. Manages virtualization hypervisors.
5. Ensures computer system security and reliability.
1. B. A. or B. S. in Computer Science, Network Engineering or Communication Engineering from a full-time university and 3 years of work experience.
2. Proficiency of Linux with a deep understanding of its kernel parameters.
3. Mastery of network theories and familiarity with major network design principles.
4. Familiarity with popular cloud platforms, and preferably experience in public cloud management.
5. Comprehensive knowledge of network safety, and preferably experience of remote operations.
6. Great communication and organizational skills, strong learning capacity and high workplace efficiency.
Wuhan, Shenzhen.
09 Strategy Director
Job Duties:
1. Identifies the application scenarios and target markets of products based on the company¡¯s core technologies and strategies.
2. Directs the company¡¯s industrial designs and collaborates with product teams on the development of industrial solutions.
3. Develops and implements a profitable model of online business according to market trends and technology advancements.
1. B. A. or B. S. from a full-time university, and 5 years¡¯ strategy-making experience.
2. Entrepreneurial experience in computer vision or machine vision, or experience with engineering projects, product development or preferably the commercialization of patents.
3. Deep insights in market and technology trends, high workplace efficiency and outstanding learning capacity.
10 Project/Product Director
Job Duties:
1. Directs the development, evaluation and validation of technologies, products or projects.
2. Builds technology teams with rich industrial experience in the fields of photonics, algorithms, system integration, automation, etc.
3. Oversees development planning and monitors project progress.
1. B. A. or B. S. in Optics, Computer Science, Electronic and Information Engineering or Mechanical Engineering from a full-time university.
2. 5 years¡¯ experience of research, management and development in industrial inspection, logistics automation, security surveillance, automobile auto-piloting, spectrometry, cell phone optics, etc.
3. Enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and readiness to accept challenges.
Wuhan, Shenzhen.
11 Senior Assistant to CEO
Job Duties:
1. Collects and analyzes data to provide feasibility reports in response to new business demands.
2. Suggests on strategies and business models based on competitor intelligence.
3. Collects and analyzes information of business development in support of the CEO¡¯s decision-making.
4. Assists the CEO in other affairs.
1. Overseas studying experience with a master¡¯s degree or above.
2. Sensitivity to the development of artificial intelligence, photonics and other technologies, and preferably experience in consulting businesses.
3. Great communication and organizational skills and strong sense of teamwork.
12 Director of Intellectual Property
Job Duties:
1. Develops general strategies of intellectual property protection, advises on patent applications, manages cooperation with patent agencies, and assists development teams in patent consultation and improvement.
2. Directs intellectual property negotiations, transactions, analysis, evaluation, maintenance, management, operations, and other affairs.
3. Monitors the intellectual properties of competitors and industrial trends and advises on risk management and other intellectual property affairs.
4. Develops and implements a system of intellectual property policies and supervises the intellectual property team.
1. B. A. or B. S. in Physics, Electronics, Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Automation, Mechanics or related fields, and qualifications as a patent agent.
2. 5 years¡¯ experience of intellectual property management in technology companies or patent agencies, with successful cases of both domestic and overseas patent applications.
3. Familiarity with domestic and overseas patent laws, patent databases, patent processes and application strategies.
4. Fluency in reading and writing technical documents and competency for negotiations of intellectual property affairs in English.
5. Integrity, strong sense of responsibility, and ability to work and learn under pressure.
Wuhan, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley.
13 Recruitment Supervisor
Job Duties:
1. Supervises all recruiting activities and directs candidate screening and interviews.
2. Manages and expands recruiting channels.
3. Establishes the company¡¯s human resource management system and assists with other human resource affairs.
1. B. A. or B. S. from a full-time university, preferably overseas.
2. 2 years¡¯ experience in recruitment or human resource management, preferably in the TMT industry.
3. Familiarity with recruiting processes and access to various recruiting channels.
4. High workplace efficiency, strong communication and organizational skills, and outstanding practical capabilities.
Wuhan, Shenzhen.
14 Chief Financial Officer/Financial Manager
Job Duties:
1. Oversees the accounting and tax affairs of the company and its domestic and overseas subsidiaries.
2. Prepares and implements annual budgets and prepares monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports.
3. Analyzes the company¡¯s business activities and financial data to advise on operations, development, production and investment.
1. B. A. or B. S. in Accounting, Economics, Finance or related fields, and 5 years¡¯ experience of corporate finance in the TMT industry.
2. Comprehensive knowledge of accounting, rich experience in financial management, and capability of handling accounting issues in all business contexts.
3. Familiarity with accounting standards, financial regulations and taxing laws and policies of China and Silicon Valley.
Wuhan, Shenzhen.
15 Director of Public Relations
Job Duties:
1. Manages public relation affairs, and maintains and expands media resources.
2. Establishes and promotes the public images of the company, products and technologies.
3. Develops and implements company strategies on public relations, and promotes the public awareness and reputation of the company¡¯s brands.
1. B. A. or B. S. in Public Relations, Marketing, Mass Media, News or related fields, and 5 years of experience in public relations.
2. Ability to access various media resources and extensive experience in branding.
3. Extensive experience with public relation events, and proficiency in promotional writing.
4. Fluency in Chinese and English, strong planning and organizational skills, and spirit of innovation.
Wuhan, Shenzhen.
16 Business Development Manager
Job Duties:
1. Develops and maintains customer relations and manages events for business development and marketing.
2. Identifies customers¡¯ needs, discovers new business opportunities, and suggests new business projects.
3. Facilitates business cooperation, smoothens project implementation and inspection, and assists with receipt of payment.
1. B. A. or B. S. from a full time university and 3 years¡¯ relevant experience.
2. Basic knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine vision.
3. Rich customer resources in industrial inspection, logistics automation, security surveillance, automobile auto-piloting, spectrometry, cell phone optics, etc.
4. Willingness to travel for business and strong presentation skills.
5. Excellent communication skills and extensive experience in business negotiations.
Wuhan, Shenzhen.
17 General Counsel
Job Duties:
1. Develops the company¡¯s legal policies and protocols as well as a risk management system.
2. Directs the legal affairs of the company and its domestic and overseas subsidiaries, and provides legal support on business operations and development.
3. Leads negotiations of legal affairs, advises on domestic and foreign investment, and manages legal and regulatory risks.
1. M. L., LL. M. or J. D. and qualifications as a lawyer.
2. Mastery of domestic laws and regulations and familiarity with relevant laws and regulations of Silicon Valley.
3. 5 years of experience at law firms.
4. Great analytical skills and excellent judgment to identify and resolve key issues.
5. Fluency in English and strong reading and writing skills.
Wuhan, Shenzhen.
18 Intern
Positions of Research Scientist, Data Scientist, Senior Assistant to CEO, Recruitment Supervisor, etc. are also open to internship applications.

We are looking forward to talking to all candidates of the listed positions. You may also contact us if you would love to join our team but have not seen a job that best suits you, and we will keep you informed of our new openings. Candidate recommendations are welcome. Please send your recommendation letter to careers@coherent.ai and you will win an iPhone X provided that the recommended candidate is recruited.